The World of Mezerath

The world of Mezerath is the plane of existence between the demonic and astral planes, a realm dominated in majority of men and elves. In the early first age when the gods and demons struggled over this vast plane the inhabitants of Mezerath sided with the gods of the astral plane and in the final struggle which drove the demons back the greater continent of Soberoth was fractured into three sub continents: Soberoth, Ullr, and Xanpillas. The war had come to a close and nearly all life had been destroyed on Mezerath, and thus the gods retreated back to their astral plane, to look over the rebirth of this plane from a far, hesitant to ever interfere with its growth or defense again.

Soberoth The Eastern Continent of Mezerath and the largest shard of Greater Soberoth, is home to The Alexandrian Empire, Krusk and Karang Clans, the Veidek Kingdom and the Gerrik Republic. The also exists several nomadic tribes of various species. The geography of Soberoth is quite dynamic, from its rolling hills and plains of the south to its great bay and running rivers shooting off from the center, and the towering mountains in the north. This continent is watched over by the god Pelor however he has not stepped foot on this continent since the great demonic wars.